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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Second Annual Deaf Hockeyville is back in Milton! Book your calendar for February 7th!

Howdy Ontario Deaf Community!

Come one, come all!

Let's play ice hockey in the fresh, crispy cold air! Mini-hockey games and skill competitions will be held in specific groups (age/level). To thaw your body, there is an indoor shelter with fire stove. There will be indoor activities as well. This event will be held from 3pm to 11pm. *schedule/details are listed at the very bottom of this*

$10 per person or $15 per couple/family.

All this for the good reasons; to fund raise to make Deaf Hockeyville a bigger event in the future and to help Deaf/CODA children participate in ice hockey league or get hockey equipment to play hockey. (From last year voting).

This is open for anyone, especially children to come! Not all are in the invitation list. Please spread the words by emailing this invitation to others. More people, the merrier and the warmer we would be :)

Wear your favourite hockey jersey and let's shoot and score together!

Check new website that Jeffy Panasuik have been working on. It is still under construction. More details from website will be updated shortly. The website is www.deafhockeyville.net (Thanks Jeffy!)

FYI: There is space capacity limited at outdoor rink and hall to 60 people, so come earlier and the better chance you get in.




ON ICE- free skating for younger children (up to 8 years old)


ON ICE- 3-on-3 scrimmages, skills competitions, shoot-outs

Three categories: Group A (5-8 years old), Group B (9-12 years old) and Group C (13 years and older)

*From 3 to 7pm, there will be ongoing activities indoor for those who want to remain inside for warmth while hockey events take place


Meeting to discuss general issues about Deaf Hockey in Ontario and future of Deaf Hockeyville.

We will also tune in Saturday Hockey Night in Canada on CBC starting at 7pm to end.

When meeting ends, night skating will be open to 10pm and indoor activities will be provided.

Social night ends at 11pm.



oneninefive said...

My bad! I forgot to add location of the event. It is located on Thompson rd and Britannia (1/4 km east from intersection. South east of Milton). There is white outdoor rink with white garage and house, could not miss it when you drive by.

proudpetite said...

hey, thanks for advertising. Appreciate your support :) There's also a website: www.deafhockeyville.net