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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

California: Day 4

The hotel had the best breakfast service we had so far in California! Packed up and started heading to Lake Tahoe.

Went through Davis and Sacramento and as entering Sacramento, we saw a road sign on US-5o saying Ocean City, MD is 3,o72 miles away!

We finally arrived at our destination and had lunch at a nice burger place - they had wonderful veggie burgers, FrecklesFly had Michaelo burger with basil, mozzerella and tomatoes while Tallwolf and I had Southwest burger with roasted hot pepper, chiptole mayo, avocados.

Thwn we went for a walk through some historical estates and hiked along a nature trail with clear views of Mt Tammac (9,735ft) and the streams were beautiful and clear, made me want to jump in and drink the water!

After that, headed to the hotel and stopped at The Brewery on Lake Tahoe brew house, sampled 7 beer and we ended up ordering 2 Growlers, one of Wheat ale and the other of Amber ale.

Signed into hotel and headed to the open bar, after that, we headed to the casino building across the street, which is supposed to be in Nevada. Tallwolf won 45 dollars, I was not in a gambling mood so let it go and we headed out to get a late dinner.

The place we went to also brewed their own beer, I had wheat ale and their pizza was fantasic! We headed to the hotel and called it a night.

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