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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Americans Fleeing America!

The numbers of Americans moving to Canada was at a record high in 2006.  A 20 percent increase from the previous year!  But of course, more Canadians move to America than Americans move to Canada.


FrecklesFly said...

Plus 1, moi! :D

TallWolf said...

Lol, I wondered if those Americans moved to Canada for healthcare purpose and Canadians moved here for a better job.

xFf said...

The healthcare isn't any difference from Canada and USA for white collars people :)

I prefer the American's healthcare system because I get what I paid for, in Canada, I have to pay for everybody, so screw them! They can get their own job and buy their own health insurance!

lore said...

miss you and rachy! ;)