Will the year 2007
    be a great year?


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sorry for the long void:

Wanted to apologize for not posting much lately. I have been so busy working 10 to 13 hours every day and have been out of town during the last few weekends.

To cap off what I have been up to, I went to Rochester approximately one month ago. Played in ODSA's ball hockey tournament. My team was the defending championship this year, however our team did not have the energy to retain the championship and went down with 1-4 record this year.

Last weekend I went to Milton to a surprise party Proudpetite planned for Ice Knight's 30th birthday. It was hosted at a place out of Milton and I think it was a farm. The people there made a miniature hockey rink so we skated and had a game of scrimmage hockey. It was good to play ice hockey again and this time bg0ur3 had his father's skates and they were a lot better than my crappy tight skates so I enjoyed skating better (except for my feet being too cold and numb from the cold weather).

Kudos to Proudpetite for doing a great job planning Ice Knights' birthday party!

Last week I got contacted by CHS for an interview, Toyota contacted me because I was selected to complete one of their tests and CSF finally hired Burrill and me as full time worker and we got a 31% increase in wage. Now I will have 31% more money to invest and use to pay my student loan. Of course, I do not hope to work at CSF for the rest of my life!

Today I also found time to brew more beer. It is my goal to brew at least two batches of beer each month. Wanna know what I brewed, just check my RSS on the top left column titled "Now Brewing".

Hopefully I will find time at least once a week to post something new.



FrecklesFly said...

Wow I wonder where was I all those time :)

proudpetite said...

Thanks for the kudos :) I'm glad u had a good time!

You're getting more luck in the area of employment. Any progress so far?

natech said...

Damn we need to meet up soon so I can try some of your homebrew beers!