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Sunday, March 25, 2007

CRC Imperial Stout:

This morning I am wide awake!  Is it because there is caffeine in my beer?! Everyone is asleep while I continue drinking some CRC Imperial Stout.  CRC Imperial Stout is a beer I brewed...  I like to think this beer is unique because this batch did not include a beer kit.  What's more I added two extra ingredients to the recipe. The brew may taste a little bit sweet, but I believe there is room for improvements.

The feedback I received from people who have tasted my CRC Imperial Stout vary and the overall feedback is that this batch tastes great.  The greatest pleasure of brewing your own beer is seeing the reaction from your friends.  If my beer does not taste that great and my friends give the impression they do not enjoy my beer, I still get some pleasure because their reaction makes me more motivated to brew good beer.

I am a vivid fan of dark beer, especially dark ales, porter and stout beer (not what the general Canadian beer drinking population enjoys)...  now I have decided to experiment with brewing lager and light coloured ales.  It is my first time brewing lager which requires temperature between 0ºC to 15ºC compared to ale which require temperatures between 18ºC to 24ºC. I am hoping my first batch of lager beer turn out to be better than I expect and I hope to become skilled with brewing light coloured ales and lagers...

My goal is to brew great beer for my friends, I do not care about the cost, but the pleasure of seeing my friends enjoy my beer.

I have been starting to collect information and study the principles of all-grain brewing.  Hopefully by the middle of the summer I will have all the equipment to do my first all-grain batch.  I am hoping that I will get my hands onto a 30 or 55 gallon water drum soon so that I will be able to brew approximately 1,600 to 3,600 bottles of beer at one time (but of course I will brew only the recipes I have brewed and know will taste great).

To give you a rough estimate on the costs associated with brewing approximately 3,600 bottles of my CRC Imperial Stout it would come to approximately CAD$440.00, when broken up to 24 bottles per case, approximately CAD$18.33!  This recipe has malt extract, but imagine if I brewed it with all-grains, the cost may be reduced by 25%.  CRC Imperial Stout requires a lot more malt than regular beer so if you want regular beer and use prepared malt extract, the cost would be less than CAD$15.00 for 24 bottles.

Lately I find myself day dreaming about brewing great beer...  My aim is to satisfy all my friends taste buds, if you have some particular beer you want brewed, please challenge me and I will try my best to brew whatever you want!

I am off to bed (hopefully I can shut my eyes after drinking plenty of CRC Imperial Stout)!


In case you wondered what CRC stands for, CRC stands for Chocolate Raspberry Coffee.


Buzzair said...

I can vouch for that CRC. It's the bomb! When I took my first sip, I wasn't that impressed, then this nice little aftertaste washes over you and it's damn tasty. Or maybe that's the caffeine kicking in getting me addicted to it? heh

After that I couldn't get enough of it.

xFf said...

i wanna try!

xFf said...

(sigh. .sorry that was lore)