Will the year 2007
    be a great year?


Sunday, January 28, 2007

London Lifestyle Home Show:

On Saturday Frecklesfly and I went to London and checked out the Lifestyle Home Show and saw plenty of interesting products and materials on display for home owners.  There was a guy selling spicy venison salami that we tried and bought, and later realized it was deer meat mixed with beef and pork - oh well.  The man selling the meat was a nice old man from West Lorne and he had a sign up advertising a website ( http://www.farmersfeedcities.com/) that supports Ontario farmers.  I checked the website out recently and it says Canadians have the lowest grocery bill in the world!  I find that hard to believe - if it is true then I think we can afford to pay a bit more because the farmers are facing financial hardship.

 We saw the Smart Scooter - the display had several scooters on show and said it was legal to drive them with no drivers license and insurance was not required!  Maybe I ought think about getting one and suspend my car insurance during the summer while I get around with the Smart Scooter!  A guy had a booth displaying the Last Glue. He showed us some items that he cut up and used this glue to put them back together.  It was amazing at how fast the glue dried up and we were given the opportunity to examine the items and try to pull the glued parts apart.

To cap the day, we got together with Sinead, Jamie, Maggie and Kyle for dinner at the new Hooters (was not impressed with the menu - pretty much the same as in Rochester, and even more there were not very many vegetarian choices) in London then went to Kyle's place for some drinks before calling it a night.

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