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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

London Centre for the Deaf:

Since London Centre for the Deaf's (LCD) website, www.lcd.on.ca has been shut down. There are people who believe LCD no longer exists. I believe there should be attempts to re-establish a Deaf-based organization in London for the Deaf people who reside in London and surrounding area.

I have tried to contact LCD's last president, Dana McCarthy in December to see if I could help out with their website (I would love to be on the board, but I have no idea where my permanent job will be located). I believe that maintaining a website will keep the deaf community informed about what is going on. He has not responded to my offer to help with the website.

I am left to wonder if LCD still exists.

If I end up with a full time job that is located in or near London, I am willing to try and get some Deaf people together and re-establish LCD.

To make LCD successful, I believe LCD should be structured with segments that focuses on different age groups. Maybe three segments based on:

  1. members who are in high school
  2. members who are in college or employed
  3. members who are retired
This way there are more leaders working within LCD and these leaders in each segment focus on the interests and expectations of their "age" group.

For example, since the audist government of Ontario has shut down the High School program at Robarts School, the Deaf student population has been divided by displacing Deaf students in hearing schools. The opportunity to become involved with LCD will give these Deaf students a chance to meet other Deaf students who live in London and encourage them to develop self-awareness of who they are and valuable leadership skills.

The college and employed segment can focus on their special interests and do things that include their families.

The retired segment can focus on their special interests that might be different from the younger segments and also continue working on the original plan of developing a senior home (that is if the old LCD has not given away all the money they have fundraised for the senior home project).

Just a thought I had on my shoulders and wanted to get out... if LCD has not ceased to function, at least get the website back up!

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