Will the year 2007
    be a great year?


Sunday, January 07, 2007


Deaf Weekly had this article about this miracle operation.  Thought it was about saving the twins' life, but after reading the story, it was about cocklear implants being crammed into their skulls.  That article makes it look like Deaf people are out of control and can be controlled only if they have cocklear implants.  I think if their mother learned how to sign, that would be more of a miracle!

BBC News reported recently on Curtis and Reece Flanagan, 3-year-old deaf twins in Northern Ireland who "underwent a miracle operation" and had cochlear implants fitted. Prior to the operations, the boys "were trapped in a world they could not hear – or understand," said the report. Three months ago, "the twins really got their best present ever when their implants were switched on." Their mother, Orla, said the boys were often difficult to control. "Anything they wanted, they couldn't tell me," she said. "The whole house was in chaos." Now, she said, "they are able to say Santa for the first time."


Xff said...

We, the Deaf people, sure are an animal! we're noisy :)

Buzzair said...

damned Irish. Parent's were probably always drunk, that's why the house was in chaos.

If they want to stereotype deaf, I'll stereotype the Irish.

lore said...

that sucks - they need to eat more potatoes to stay sane.