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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Police Brutality:

Am pretty sure most of you are already aware about this, but in case you have not seen these stories... about how police or people with higher authority mistreat Deaf people here are some links to stories of police brutality.

The story that got my attention was the one about 56-year old Doug Bahl in St. Paul, MN. Apparently the Pig did not realize Bahl was Deaf and decided to use his toy to beat him up. To see what harm the long arms of the law did to Bahl, view those photos [ 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 ].

There is another story about a Deaf man being held down by three people and died after being unable to breathe. There are many more - one of the most famous and well known incident involved Gayaudet University's security personnels and Carl Dupree.

With all this happening, it makes me wonder if anything like those incidents occurred in Canada? Do the pigs in Canada get any training on how to approach Deaf people?

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Buzzair said...

This is sort of off the point but I was watching a documentary on Gangs, and they had one member flash gang signs. Wow...it's very similar looking to sign language. It's a whole communication method that they made up. I've heard stories of gang members shooting deaf people because they thought they were rival gang members.