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Monday, December 11, 2006

Other than that previous post...

I have been busy working at CSF once again for the winter holidays. This time, I have the night shift, working an average of 8 hours from 1800 to 0200 the next day. When comparing my first time working at CSF in September, the work was very repetitive and they rarely gave us the opportunity to rotate and do a variety of tasks.

I got the opportunity to rack the turkeys on the conveyor, this task is the task I like the most because it requires a lot of thinking, coordination and skills. A few other people have tried to do that task, but ended up missing a lot of racks and/or dropping the turkeys.

Another task, which helps keep us warm is bending the turkey legs so they go through the turkey's anus hole or what ever you call it (hole in tummy that exits in the hole below the turkey tail). That task makes you very hot, but really puts a toll on your palm and wrist and after first two days you could see a round bruise on my right palm. After a night off, it seems to have disappeared.

Another job, which is pretty much equally as boring as the easiest task is stretching and making sure the chest cavity are open so it is easier for the liver and heart packets to be inserted. Good exercise for your forearm muscles (if you want to prepare for an arm wrestling match).

The last task which is the most boring and easiest job is cramming the liver and heart packets into the turkeys, just as we did in September.

Thought I'll google images to see if I could find something similar to what I do. This website has some photos, the processing plant looks 100 times larger, 100 times cleaner, 100 times brighter than the processing plant I work at. The second last photo is pretty much the same department I work in at CSF.

At least you know who is preparing your turkeys for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays.

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