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Sunday, December 24, 2006

High-Tech Cat's Eyes?

On Wednesday, I was driving towards Rochester to visit FrecklesFly and just before getting off the 403, for the first time I thought I was imagining things! There were lights floating underneath my car as I moved forward, that sure baffled me and made me wonder if I was seeing things that I should not be seeing so I doubled checked my rear view mirror and sure enough there were lights lined up behind my car. I was so sure those cat's eyes were not reflective, but powered by LED-like bulbs.

All the time, I have wondered if that was really what I saw. Today I had the opportunity to double check to see if these cat's eyes were really powered by lights instead of reflective material.

Here are the photos, I had to show the world those high-tech cat's eyes - if anyone else saw something like that in Canada or the Untied States, let me know and tell me the location/which roads.

Close - up photo...

LED Cat's Eye in action!

View from front of car...

View from rear of car...

Reflective (bottom) cat's eyes vs high-tech (top) cat's eyes (sorry for the 90ยบ view).


Rachy said...

Aha knew you will actually go up&crouch in middle of hwy to take close-up...prolly scaring some poor driver off the road, thinking s/he imagined a hulk in middle of road with a LED lights :D

bg0ur3 said...

haha yeah those LED lights were probably designed to make the roads safer however they might rethink their strategy seeing more and more people are crawling on the highways to get a up-close photo :)

oneninefive said...

Rachy - I could not resist the urge to share these with the world. :)

bg0ur3 - I was thinking exactly the same thing while I was taking those pictures. Wondered how many people have stopped to investigate these lights to make sure they were not dreaming.

Buzzair said...

lol, good point Brandon. Kind of like when the new twonies came out. Everyone was banging out the center piece until they found out it was illegal.