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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Key Election Issues and Questions for All Candidates:

Saw this news article about the municipal elections and how this Deaf guy was frustrated at the lack of access for Deaf people. I believe access for Deaf people suck big time when it comes to elections. I am interested in voting for candidates in my area, but how the hell do I know what they have to offer or want to do to make my town a better place? I am not aware of where the elections are, but just know that elections are on November 13.

I am going to vote, but to be honest, will I know who I am voting for? No! I am not going to vote for the mayor who is running for another term, he has been the mayor for many years. I am going to vote for the opponent against that mayor just to see if my vote helps change something. :) I am going to vote for the top 5 people in the council list just because five votes are required.

This article also made me remember an email I received a while ago, I am not sure how many people actually asked the candidates any of those questions from the email I received (attached below).

Key Municipal Election Issues:

  • City/Town's commitment to include barrier-free process in their official plans
  • Accessible Councillor/Mayoral offices (i.e. TTY, FM system, visual fire alarms, sign language interpreting and real-time captioning services for their constituents who are deaf, deafened and hard of hearing)
  • Accessible campaigns (accessible all candidates meeting, welcoming volunteers who require communication access in municipal election campaign activities, etc) Questions (Asking Candidates, including councilor candidate, mayoral candidate)
Key Election Questions for All Candidates:
  1. Do you support the development and implementation of strong, enforceable, effective barrier-free mechanisms in your official plan?
  2. Would you make a commitment to recognize the unique communication needs of deaf, deafened and hard of hearing constituents (i.e appointment of deaf, deafened or hard of hearing constituents to be on Municipal's Accessibility Advisory Committee, hiring staff with hearing loss in the municipal offices or mayoral/councilor's office, sign language interpreting services and captioning on the debates of the City Councillors/Mayor on TV)?
  3. Do you support a review of the Municipal Election Act to ensure an accessible electoral process for all municipal cities and towns, including regulations and funding guidelines for providing the accommodations necessary for persons with disabilities, including deaf, deafened and hard of hearing individuals who wish to be candidates, electors and volunteers who are in municipal campaign activities and accessible all candidates meeting?

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