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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fires, Fires, and more Fires!

On Tuesday, I was taking Mr. Run back to Woodstock. Just as we entered Woodstock, we noticed some kind of smell. The aroma smelled like plastic being burned. My first thought was a pile of tires got on fire and the main road started to look foggy so we started looking to find out where the smoke was coming from. To the right, we noticed more smoke and saw an old building all charred and fire men and equipment were around it.

Decided that it was another Kodak moment so drove down the street to get a closer look. The building was used for karate classes and part of it was used for paint ball production (which may explain why it smelled like rubber burning).

I started taking photos and one of the firemen came up to me and asked me to take more photos and asked me to walk closer to the building so I could take a close-up photo of his buddy up on the ladder. Posted all my photos on my Picasa Web Album and sent the link to the fireman.

Seems like I have been ending up being near fires this year! The number of fires during the cold season goes up, so my friends take extra precautions (and also make sure you have insurance) and be safe.


Anonymous said...

twice in a short time... coincidence, i shall say.

good pictures... i like the second picture, one with the sun in it and it's no doubt the fireman in that pic would like it, too. The third picture is also a good one. black/white leaves you to imagine. did they contact you after viewing these pictures?

oneninefive said...

I emailed the fireman right after I completed that post. Since it is raining here today, I am sure there will be less fires for the fireman to respond to and give him time to view the photos. :)

Let's hope I do not run into more fires too. :)

MACanadian227 said...

It's fun to see more FIRES what you have seen... You are "FIRE" Jinx dude?

Anonymous said...

Ya damn pyromaniac..it's probably you starting the fires.

Nice shots tho