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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Firefox vs Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Firefox and MSIE have released their newest version of their internet browsers.

I am checking out Firefox 2.0 - since I first tried Firefox, I have never wanted to go back to Microsoft's IE, but I am curious to see what IE 7.0 is like.

There is an article that talks about the differences between the two browsers.

Browsers go head-to-head


oneninefive said...

Still no short cut for the homepage on my MacBook.

MACanadian227 said...

stop apalling about no short cut... har har har!

oneninefive said...

Short-cuts are important because it saves time, and when you put it in that way, you also save money since "Time is Money".

The longer it takes, to do stuff on my MacBook, I get less chance to do stuff on it while the value of it depreciates.

Brandon said...

i just tried both versions... i still prefer firefox... especially with their new automatic spell checkers for when u fill out forms or write emails :)


oneninefive said...

Yeah, I like that feature too. At first it seemed annoying (when using the search engine), but now I like it because it may show text that I would have not thought of.