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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Washington DC:

On the fourteenth day of July, I headed to Washington DC to visit Kester and Reineck. The bus was a long trip, but sure beats flight prices.

Got there a bit after 22h and was picked up by Kester, headed to his place after picking up his friend and getting some booze and dinner.

We ended up staying up till 6 playing an ASL drinking game with Kester's roommate and ending the game discussing World War II. We had some disagreements, which I have not looked up to verify who's facts were correct.

On Saturday, we headed out to BD's Mongolian Barbeque - that place had a very good choice of food we could select to be cooked with plenty of sauces and spices. Reineck met up with us there and then Reineck and I headed to DC to explore the city and view some mountments.

We walked around and along the Mountment for Washington, World War II Memorial, Abe Lincoln and the Veitnam Memorial. After that we headed to Chiptole's for dinner and I was impressed with the food and service. I hope Chiptole's grows and annhiliates Taco Bell's market share!

After that we headed to Capitol City Brewery and got together with Kester and his roommate - the beer they brewed there was good, but would not say their beer was the best. Headed back to Kester's place and called it a nite.

Got up at 9 and headed to the metro to get to the bus picking up point. The metro system is helluva better than New York City's system! The stations are not hot, stuffy and humid and the trains run very smooth. The interior of the trains are spacier and seating has more quality in comfort than New York's trains. The fare system is different too, I was impressed at how clean the metro was - no fare slips lying all over the place because once there is no value in the slip, the fare machine swallows it up compared to no fare machines in New York that swallow up expired fare cards.

I had breakfast at Subway - the people there did not know what a Western Omlet was even when they had that option on the menu so instead of clarifying what a Western Omlet sub was they put on only veggies. I had to point out the Western Omlet had eggs. The sub did not taste any good, good start for my birthday eh?

Connie met me as the bus was loading up, there was this nice lady who knew some sign language - she helped us out when the bus driver refused to make any effort to communicate with us.

When we got back, Connie wanted to treat me to dinner for my birthday so we headed to an Indian restaurant that served only vegetarian and vegan dishes. The food was very delicous and filled us well!

Later that we had some kind of lite ice cream that helped cool us down. This week has been nothing but hell! I estimate that the temperature feels somewhere between 35•c to 45•c (including humidity). Thank goodness my office has air conditioning!

Last week I started to go out for jogs after work. My distance ducked, but with the crazy heat, I have been covering more distance ecery day. Central Park is a nice place to jog, hopefuly I will accomplish 5 miles non stop before I leave New York City.

Over all had a great time in WDC with Kester and Reineck and thank you Connie for dinner. Also FrecklesFly, many thanks for my bday card! :)

I am more excites now that I am one year older, I am one year closer to qualify for senior citiens' discounts!


Buzzair said...

Happy birthday!!

Christine said...

Happy Bleated Birthday! :)

TallWolf said...

Happy Belated Birthday! You would have liked it if you came to San Francisco. No humid and around 70s. You all eastern have my sympathy! Hahahah! :-D

lore said...

Happppybelated birthday!

You should try Baja fresh- more organic than chipitoles.

TallWolf said...

In my opinion, I like Chipotle better than Baja Fresh. Although, Baja Fresh got good veggie burrito and side salad. :-y

FrecklesFly said...

Egh..I ve went to Chiptole & Baja Fresh, both were good :) depends on your mood! hehe (unf, no Baja Fresh in east)... And yes, go to SF or one of beaches cities in south Calif but not LA or the valley..its damn hot..its 98-100 degrees of hot dry air equals to 80-90 degrees of humid air :P

Connie said...

Actually, there's a Baja Fresh in Washington, DC. :) I am glad you had a good birthday and keep up on running more and more! Maybe, you can run with me to run the full loop (6.2 miles) of Central Park before you leave.

Harry said...

Happy Belated birthday!! :)

oneninefive said...

Thank you everyone! :)

natech said...

Sheesh, it was your happy birthday? Fack ya, should have told me, would have bought you a keg! I guess your loss, ha.

Glad to hear you enjoyed your time here. Next time, we'll go to an even better brewery, you can count on that.

Got any chance to follow up on the discussions we had on World War II? ;-)