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Monday, July 03, 2006

My Weekend:

My weekend went by very fast! It actually felt like it was only one day instead of a weekend of Friday night to Sunday night.

The main day of my weekend was Saturday July 1st, I took the train down to Point Pleasant Beach to meet Buzzair and Christine. We spent most of the day at Christine's grandmother's place.

We also had a chance to relax out at the beach and go for a swim. I got a sunburned making my arms / hands half white, half red.

After celebrating Christine's nephew's birthday we headed out to meet Kester and Sherry for some drinks and fun.

We ended up having a bit too much to drink, but who cares, we were drinking to celebrate Canada's birthday!

Taking the train back to New York, it felt like forever and the headache I had from Saturday afternoon did not go away so literally I felt like crap for most of Sunday.

I also finally installed Connie's AC so at least I got to enjoy sleeping in a cold bedroom for two nights before she gets back.

Overall, it was great to get out of New York and the scenery in New Jersey was a pleasant view for a change, but it was still crowded and if you ever decide to visit the coast of New Jersey, expect a lot of traffic jams.

Tomorrow I will be heading to Coney Island to catch a view of the famous hot dog eating competition that is hosted there annually on the 4th of July.

Hopefully some pictures from the weekend will be posted on Buzzair and/or Kester's blog soon.


Buzzair said...

Posted pics on my blog

How was Coney Island. See the hotdog eating contest? Did the skinny Asian kid win again? No, not you Kester. lol

Christine said...

I'm glad you came. Was great having you :)

I'm also really glad ur image of NJ now is a good one :)Ya just had to add the traffic jams part eh? :p

oneninefive said...

Buzzair - yep, the Japanese dude won the championship again. In fact he broke his own record of eating 53.5 hotdogs in 12 minutes this year by eating 53.75 hotdogs.

Christine - I had to add the traffic jams so no one can complain that I did not warn them.

Buzzair said...

Anyone who doesn't know already that it's gonna be a lil busy on the July 4th weekend in any beach town across America doesn't need a warning...they need a brain! :)

Buzzair said...

and in any beach town across Canada on July 1st :)