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Friday, July 14, 2006

My Ride:

Just felt like sharing one of my observations on my ride.

On the opposite side of my row, there is a couple sitting together. The dude was well built, seems like he works out and the woman seemed to be in her late 3o's, but she may be younger - New York City's air seems to cause more wrinkles (that's my theory, but not proven).

I noticed the dude seemed drunk or high on something and sitting beside the window. Things seemed to be normal until the dude started grabbing and holding the woman tightly.

The woman clearly did not wanbt to be held, but the man kept on grabbing and trying to kiss her. At one point he started trying to suck her tits with hjer shirt on, that clearly made her pissed off. She kind of shoved and pushed him away.

After the bus stopped for restroom break and snacks, the woman got some pop corn for the dude. The dude was clearly pissed off and started throiwing pop corn around the bus and mainly towards the woman.

The woman was clearly irrated by the man's attitude and made attempts to ignore him. I could tell that the man was constantly talking loud by the way everyone around me kept on looking at the couple.

now it hjs become dark, but the man has shown no sign of cooling down.

I guess I am doing this post because I have nothing else to do, but document what I am observing.

As I type this post, I am pondering how differently I would have described my observation if I could hear what that asshole was saying all the time. Is his behaviour appearing worse to me than it does to people who can hear, or is it the other way?

Besides DC's crime rate has gone up lately, will one of them show up in the paper wanted by the police for murder tomorrow? Let's see...


TallWolf said...

Lol, if that guy was a toothpick instead well built, would you have help her? That lady knows nothing about being firm. She sounds like a passion person otherwise she would have grab his crotch and whisper to his ear "turtle your little man or I'll rip the head out." That's what a smart lady would do. :-D

TallWolf said...

Duh, apparently my grammar isn't good on blackberry. I meant passive person. Other grammar errors, you can figure it out. Need to learn how to reread my writing through little comment box on Blackberry.