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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Murder Capital of New York State: Rochester

I hope I do not cause fear for my buddies who still live or attend RIT.

Yesterday, I was skimming through the daily Metro news on the subway. One page focused on how crime was increasing in NYC. But at the bottom right corner of the page, I noticed the title "Murder Capital of New York State: Rochester".

My first thought - that's where I studied, but after reading the article, I am pretty sure they put it there to make New York City readers feel a sense of relief.

Now to instal some sense of relief into my buddies, RIT is located in Henrietta - I am sure none of the statistics came from Henrietta so you are safe. Just do not move or spend time in Rochester. :)

The article said more children under 8 year old have been shot and killed than members of the Rochester Police Department to date ths year.

I cannot remember exact number, but it was two more children than police officers and the number was between 3o to 4o.

The report cited the dwindling economy, the city serving as a major drug hub for drugs headed to Toronto, NYC, Houston and Buffalo, and a high drop out among high school children (more than 3o%) as reasons for the high murder rate.

Interesting eh? I just hope the mayor of Rochester starts to stop the drug from getting to Toronto soon.

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FrecklesFly said...

Yep it was long known & embarassment of that tiny city...also Rochy have high percentage of teen pregency, most are on their second before they graduate or drop out, in certain zip code areas like 41619,41620 and so forth...it impact mostly on minors but not whites...One of reasons, I am not too fond of Rochy and cant wait to get out there heh :)