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Friday, July 14, 2006

It is a Circus in the Middle East now:

One can wonder where Israel gets the absurd ideas that bombing the Arabs in Lebanon will solve the problem and recuse the two kidnapped IDF troops.

I am pretty sure everyone knows where Israel got the idea. However when analyzing the logics. There are three soldiers being held by the Arabs while the Jews are holding more than 4,ooo Arabs. The Arabs are demanding their Arab fellows be released in exchange for the release of the three Jewish troops. Do this exchange and no one gets killed.

Israel's choice was not this way, but to "Shock and Awe" the Arabs! This "Shock and Awe" has some conflicts with Israel's goal. Israel is literally dropping bombs and raining bullets every where causing the death of more than 75 civilians - does that mean the Jews do not even care if one of their bombs or bullets kill the Jewish troops they are trying to recuse? I hope they are blown to bits so the Jews can shit their own pants and realize their bombing campaign was fruitless from the beginning.


TallWolf said...

Lol, I hear you. The whole thing is full of nonsense. Full of showing who's power. Gas price went up because of this invasion into Lebanon to search for militants who are responsible for soliders kidnap. Pathetic!

TallWolf said...

FYI, 170000 people took cnn.com poll voted 60% agreed that Israel has justified reasons to invaded Lebanon. President Bush said the kidnapped was unacceptable. Hmm, how many civilians were kidnapped by the CIA or US Military? ;-) I love this political stuff, it entertains me daily. Never fails to amuse me. It is a mircle that human beings existed on this planet for 4 thousand years based on our idiotic and desire to have power over one other. I hope to see you guys for next 70 years.