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Thursday, June 01, 2006

My first day at work!

Today was my first day at work, I was supposed to be working at 388 Greenwich Street, but they transferred me to their offices at 111 Wall Street. Four Deaf people are working at the Wall Street offices, but they are in different departments and do not work on the same floor.

Upon arrival, I was taken to the top floor - the 24th floor of the building to meet my supverisor and the security there is amazing. I never imagined that they would be serious about security. My day was not that heavy, they were all busy rushing to get their end of the month reports completed so my day was literally focused on reviewing their policies and procedure handbook. I am hoping I will get some real work by the beginning of the week next week.

So why is there a picture of my shoe? The story begins yesterday after orienation, Citigroup treated us to a night out at the bar on Greenwich St. The bar was a nice place and I was surpised to see Beligan brew on draft so it was nice to have some Beligan beer (Chimay). On the way back home via the subway, I some how got lazy and did not walk carefully, resulting in the bottom of my shoe getting caught and ending up being deattached from the bottom of my shoe.

I spent the whole day wearing it and hoping it would not get worse and after work I found the most tiny store in New York City - it was the size of maybe the kitchen at my old apartment (7o Loden Lane), but it had a sign saying "shoe repair" so I went in. The store was packed with so many jewish artifacts and the man was wearing a leather jewish hat (that was the first time I ever saw a leather jewish hat). He looked at my shoe and immediately started ripping it up before I could ask how much it would cost to have it be repaired and verify he accepted credit card payments so I was stuck until he repaired my shoe.

When he was done, he just pointed towards east telling me that there was an ABM machine, the other problem is... I am BROKE so I was not even sure I had enough money in my bank. I had to try four different ABM before going back and asking the man if there was a HSBC bank nearby; he pointed to the west, but towards west was a empty alley with nothing, but garages.

I went ahead and walked down the alley and found another street and saw Bank of America so I tried their ABM and finally with luck got a 20 dollar bill - reducing my bank account to only USD$0.19! So, that is the story behind this picture - he also polished it for five bucks so in total for this facked up shoe I spent fifteen dollars. Not bad I think because I thought it would be expensive.


FrecklesFly said...

Polished up only one shoe or both? :) and ABM?

mplaing said...

Good questions!

Of course he polished both shoes, but fixed only one, which is shown in the image. :)

For those who do not know what ABM are, that is the Canadian version of ATM - Automatic Banking Machine.

Brandon said...

in sweden, you say Bankomat... its funny its like Laundry-o-mat :)


Pamela said...

You work for CitiGroup?? Wow! That is my next dream job if I quit software engineering! Congrats.