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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Canadian Teams: What is wrong?

Lately I have started feeling disappointed with the Canadian teams that are in the Stanley Cup playoffs. My disappointment began when the Calgary Flames started slacking after they had a good start playing against Anaheim. In the last two games, Calgary kept on getting stupid penalties, giving Anaheim the opportunity to take advantage and proceed to the semifinals.

Today (and literally yesterday) it was disappointing watching the Senators lose to the Sabres and seeing the same game be repeated with the Oilers playing against the Sharks. Both Canadian teams kept on getting stupid penalties.

The Sharks had only three penalties, and at one time Edmonton had a two-man advantage and got a goal, but immediately after they tied the game they had to get a penalty and give the Sharks another chance to lead the game. When will they learn not to get penalties?

I guess I just needed to vent my anger and fustration - thanks for reading my anger. Let's hope some of the players read this and finally realize they need to stop taking silly penalties and start controlling the game.

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lore said...

tsk tsk what happened?!