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Sunday, April 30, 2006

World's most bizarre film!

On Saturday night Slaplore, Xff, TallWolf, FrecklesFly and I got together and watched two movies - "Hostel" and "Pink Flamingos". Both films did not impress me, but this post is going to focus on "Pink Flamingos" I am pretty sure if you have already viewed the image for the film you have a good idea that this film is the most retarded movie ever made on Earth. For Hostel, find out what happens yourself...

Xff explained that Pink Flamingos was on the top ten most popular film (hopefully I said that correctly) so we all relaxed and started watching the movie even though we knew it was made in 1972. It was totally f#@*ed up right from the beginning to the end - I mean for every second nothing was normal!

If you and a bunch of your friends are bored and want something bizarre, I recommend chipping in and getting this movie for a night. I guarantee you 108 minutes of the most f#@*ed up minutes of your life spent watching the tube!

Feel free to share your comments if you saw that movie or after you get a chance to watch it! Another f#@*ed up thing about this film is the director has a tattooed moustache.


proudpetite said...

thanks for the tip... if i'm ever in the mood for a bizarre flick, i'll think of this one... and share what I think after watching it.

have you seen "House of 1000 corpses"? I is the "vee" big time!

Buzzair said...

Don't think I'll ever watch it, but I highly recommend house of 1000 corpses! lol I own the DVD, plus the sequel "Devil's Rejects". Both are really freaky. Rob Zombie is the director

oneninefive said...

Is Zombie his real last name?

Buzzair said...

Just looked it up and it says his real name is Robert Cummings.

Guess thats his porno name and Rob Zombie is his horror movie name.

lore said...

the house of 1000 corpses is kinda like hostel.. similiar concept but different ending :)

so for thePink Flamingo, the anus talk is still stuck in my head. *laugh* seeing mike's expression was priceless!!!

xFf said...

Buzz, take our words, WATCH IT... You'll never forget that movie!!!

195, actually it's in the top 50 for best independence film.

House of 1000 corpses is a common films, I like Pink Flammingo over House of 1000 corpse even though it's FUCKED UP but fun to watch!