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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It is now illegal to walk!

"Woman Ticketed For Crossing Road Too Slowly"

Yesterday was watching the news and the most bizarre thing the police could do is give out tickets to people who are crossing the roads too slowly; especially when a road has five lanes!

Maybe fast-food joints and beverages that are high in concentration of high fructose corn syrup are not the cause of America's obesity problem - the problem is no one really walks as much as people did in the past.

If you haven't noticed, click on the title and you will be sent to the walking ticket news article.

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FrecklesFly said...

I had to laugh at this...

"Coyle maintains she did everything right except sprint across the street like a teenager.

"He should have given me a warning if anything or helped me across the street. I thought that the LAPD was trying to hunt down criminals, not old ladies and taking their Social Security," said Coyle said."

I couldnt believe that the light was set for 7 seconds!