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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Idle times:

It has been almost one week since I got back from Rochester. During the last few days I spent time updating my resume, getting some letters of references and I have made arrangements for an interview and job fair in Rochester between March 27 - 29. Then it'll be FrecklesFly's birthday. So that will be the next time I am in Rochester.

Other things I did was send my info to CIBC, stopped at my bank to deal with some stuff, and I decided to stop by the library to get some books on doing business online.

I stumbled upon something interesting...

A wooden carving of Thomas Ingersoll, the founder of Ingersoll. The description of Ingersoll's history stated that Thomas Ingesoll fleed to Canada (formerly called British North America) from Massachusetts after the Revolutionary War and founded the town "Oxford-on-the-Thames".

His daughter was one of the people who alerted the British of the Americans planning an invanison during the beginning of the War of 1812.

His son renamed "Oxford-on-the-Thames" to "Ingersoll" in honour of Thomas Ingersoll.

That is how valuable idle time is!

Now that is some information about a tiny pointless town that I grew up. :)

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lore said...

oooh when is frecklesfly's birthday?