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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"By the Deaf people, for the Deaf people!"

Someone posted flyers in Ellingson Hall telling Deaf people to check this website out. The url is http://thedeafliberator.blogspot.com I posted a comment a while ago, but the people running this blog have not responded to my comment, instead they removed their articles of incorporation information and rephrased their objective.

I think this blog was created at the most appropriate time because I have been seeing a lot of "discussion" about reduced quality in Deaf education, how educational institutions are being "forced" into accepting financial support from organizations that promote "oral-method" as a better alternative for educating Deaf people.

I just think it is time for Deaf people to stand up and fight against those who discriminate or oppress the values Deaf people cherish.

There is a blog set up for people to discuss the dwindling education quality at RSD at: http://rsdeaf.blogspot.com/. I had a discussion with Xff earlier about how Deaf schools seem to not promote or advertise themselves and he explained that Deaf schools that receive Federal or State funding are prohibited from advertising themselves. I think this is absurd and crazy! This is how oral-method schools and mainstream are rising and Deaf schools are closing up.

We, the Deaf people need to find ways to raise funds and create (or improve) an organization that promotes Deaf schools and conducts research and development on technqiues for better education for Deaf people.

We cannot allow other Deaf people standing back and doing nothing about this type of "oppression". I am going to send an email to the people who set up this Deaf Liberation blog and see how I can join their movement.

"By the Deaf people, for the Deaf people!"



lore said...

u shud join msse.

Buzzair said...

You seem to be getting pretty hard-core about the whole deaf/hearing issues...

Why don't you check out organizations like CSD or NAD to do your co-op and become a member.

That way you have the power of an organization behind you instead of one lone set of hands speaking out against a sea of hearing, but deaf ears.

TallWolf said...

Well, deaf school can advertise themselves thru sports. It has becoming very common for high schools and colleges to get attention is thru having powerhouse basketball or football teams. I noticed Maryland School for the Deaf is very known because of their strong football team. Fremont School for the Deaf has a good basketball team.