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Friday, December 09, 2005

So many thoughts for today...

What are insurgents?

I think it is funny that the US Government is arguing over what words to use instead of insurgents. The irony is Webster dictionary defines an "insurgency as an uprising or insurrection against established authority that is not well organized." Well, look at Iraq, the established authority in Iraq that was created by the US Government is obviously not well organized, thus using the word insurgents is appropriate!

What kind of dumb facks elected a dumb fack to lead this country?

Spend Money While You Earn It

Who would have ever thought of this, these people are very clever! Shop online while you are working! Makes perfect sense and this is a classic demostration that time is money, even if you are not working! Check out BBC
and CNN for info on the formula used to determine how much time is worth. Depending on your salary, it may be cheaper to buy take-out meals than cook your own meals!



xFf said...

I'd rather have home cook meal than take-out all of the time. We don't knowe what they put in the food, higher risk of food poision, germs, etc. Chemcials, etc...

For US government, I don't give a ratass, I'm thankful for facked up US government :) If it was not for their screwed up, we woudln't have NTID, or cross-register support to RIT, Interpreters, video phone system, ADA and all of that.

If it wasn't for them, we'll be in the dark age.

TallWolf said...

Lol, ever since I became single, I have been going out to eat at cheap places since it is cheaper than cooking at home for a person. If I have a family, then cooking at home is definitely cheaper. As for my bachelor life, I rather eat out.

Most of people don't realize there is more cost associated with cooking at home. To cook you need electricity or gas to heat the food. You need soap, sponge and water to wash the dishes. So they are the hidden costs. But for take out, gasoline is needed to go pick up the food. Need to live in an environment where restaurants are within a walking distance like Downtown San Jose!

At the end, if you are single, don't bother eat at home except for ceral with milk or frozen pizza. I find store frozen pizza cheaper than call in for a pizza but on the other hand, I have to extra pay for elecricity.

I suggest for single person and a couple to balance with cook and take out depends how bad your hunger is. A family definitely need to cook more than 75% of the time.

TallWolf said...

"Of those surveyed who admitted viewing X-rated sites at work, 17 percent of men and 11 percent of women said they visited the sites intentionally."

Hmm hmm hmm hmm, men aren't alone. Those 11 percent women are welcome to join my cubicle. ;-)

TallWolf said...

See what my President of the United States has to say about OneNineFive's blog.

Rock on!

Or it was

Flip the bird

I couldn't understand George W. Bush since he doesn't sign. It is up to you what Bush thinks of OneNineFive's blog.

Buzzair said...

I do enjoy homecooked meals more. I know most of the time they are healthier and I know what's inside it.

However I've found shopping at Wegmans every two weeks or monthly drains my bank account a lot more going out.

oneninefive said...

I never implied that I prefer to eat out in case any of you thought I planned on starting to eat out all the time.

In respond to TallWolf's comment about cooking, you can eliminate the hidden cost by eating raw food, just buy veggies by the weight, a roll, maybe some kind of spread to put on your sandwich, voila you have a raw sandwich.

There are plenty of hidden costs you can think of: fuel to drive to the store, wear on tires, cost of oil used, wear on seats used to sit on to drive ther, wear on shocks from pot holes on road, wear on wheel bearings from wheel spinning, wear on odometer and speedometer needle/springs/shaft, wear on light blubs, including signals if used, wear on transmission and fluid, wear on windsheild wipers if used that day, wear on window contributing to more dented windows, wear on brakes, depending on how often and quick you need to stop, wear on air filter for cleaning air that enters the intake ports of your engine, wear on cylinder walls from pistons going up and down, wear on spark plugs, wear on piston rings, wear on heating or cooling fluid and devices, wear on stereo system and speakers, usage of windshield wiper fluid, usage of coolant fluid, steering fluid, brake fluid, etc.

Wow, so many things to list, now I wonder how much it actually costs to drive my car one for one km! :)

oneninefive said...

Xff, I do not get your point about the US Government's impact on ADA, RIT/NTID services, VP, he has nothing to do with those things.

All he has focused on was Afghastain, Iraq, North Korea and Iran, not very much related to domestic issues.

FrecklesFly said...

Home-cooked still provided more varies and can be healthy if you made it to be. Don't forgot the big dilemma of today was obese so it would cost lots of $$ to take care of this problem. Hence, take-outs often contributed to obese....viola, not much of buck-saving
Tallwolf, I have to agree its lot easier to cook for family than for one person (two was ok :) )

FrecklesFly said...

Yet, you still have car and even have ur pic on blog showing u in car! :)

TallWolf said...

Don't forget you are paying taxes for road, lights, guardrail, law enforcement, paint for solid lines on road, and signs. Ah, snowplow and salt!

Heck, it would be much cheaper if we go back to the old ways of growing your own crop and meat.

Buzzair said...

When I say eating out..I mean places like Panara Bread, Subway, Aladdins..all healthy food for a reasonable price.

Compare that to buying a lot of food at Wegmans and I'll bet you will find the prices are similar or cheaper to eat out

oneninefive said...

I agree with Buzzair that it can be cheaper to eat out (but more cheaper to take out and eat while being productive :) ), but it is fun to cook at home too.

FrecklesFly and I (and maybe once or twice with TallWolf) have fiddled with the idea of opening our own vegetarian restaurant. That would be a lot cheaper because I will know exactly what is in the food and it will be cheaper to have my chef prepare the food (of course I will treat him well so I do not need to worry about him/her spitting or adding chemicals into the food) :)
- also I will make sure I post the formula and article on my window to encourage people to realize it is cheaper to take out and buy more of my meals.

RIT has a new book swap program and last week there was a book on gardening - I swapped it because I have been thinking about trying to grow some of my own food.

Probably gonna start with herbs and am trying to get my hands on some type of jalapeno pepper seeds to grow. :)

In respond to FrecklesFly's comment about me having my car, yeah I still use my car, once you have technological stuff you are prone to develop some kind of love-hate relationship with them.

I love my car for the ease of life, but hate it because it makes me feel lazy. I am pretty sure the same goes with people who have pagers.

They may love the efficiency and ease pagers offer, but hate the way people expect them to be with their pagers 24/7 and be available all the time.

lore said...

i just bought a vegetarian cookbook today- has over 200 recipes. Im sooo excited to try out some of the recipes.

having a meat eating boyfriend definitely does not help me becoming one. *sigh* i need to join a veggie support group or something. im still eating fish and some chicken. *hides*

lore said...

and mike - I want to learn how to garden too. I love plants - but theyre so hard to take care of in Rochester cuz of lighting... i still have Otis but i think he's lonely.

TallWolf said...

Vegetarian options in Rochester are very limited compared to California. Yes, international restaurants in Rochester do have vegetarian entrees but I often want a quick lunch or dinner. I find veggie subs, veggie burritos and veggie pita (Pita Pit). Not much options.

During Thanksgiving break in California, I was able to go through a week without meat and not get stuck with repetitive veggie food. The options in California are wonderful.

This provides an opportunity for Frecklesfly, OneNineFive and me to open a fast and/or slow-paced vegetarian restaurant in Rochester. However, I am not sure how big the vegetarian market share is in Monroe County. Something worth to research on and give surveys.

Anyone taking Data Analysis? Please give a vegetarian survey. Thanks! :-D

oneninefive said...

I think the best way to test the vegetarian market could be to find a small place to rent or lease that already includes the kitchen equipment and test it out.

Business is all about taking risks and using the best strategy to overcome the risks.

I am pretty sure with people being obese in America, they are looking for healthier alternatives that are also not too expensive.