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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Taco Bell:

Over the weekend, I attended several parties, hanged out with some brothers who came for the weekend. The major incident for the weekend happened at Taco Bell...

Friday Nite:

Saturday Night:

Taco Bell:

FrecklesFly, David and I headed to Taco Bell after Zeke's to grab some thing to eat before going home. David was driving in front of and he confused the workers when he showed up and told them the order he got was not for him because he wrote down what he wanted to order (duh, Deaf people do not speak into those damn Oral machines).

When David and the other car in front of us got their food, it was our turn to order, we had our order written down on paper for the cashier to take our order. The cashier wrote us a note saying the Manager has stopped serving food. We were skeptical and questioned why there were still cars lined up behind us, but we left the drive thru lane, not satisfied with what the cashier told us, I grabbed my camera and walked to the drive thru lane and indeed Taco Bell was still serving food. I decided to take pictures of them red handed.

I think they were surprised that I was taking pictures that they tried to delay handing out food in hope I would leave. It was like a good 5 minute stand-off until they finally gave up and handed over the food to the people in the car (who were in the middle of our stand-off and baffled at what was going on).

While I was taking pictures, another Deaf dude walked up to me and asked what was going on, I explained that they obviously rejected my order because I did not make it thru the Oral Machine and he said he was just rejected too!
Photo One: The cashier conducting the financial transaction with the car that was behind me.

Photo Two: The customers receiving their order after being stuck in the middle of a stand-off between my camera and the product hander staff.

Photo Three: After learning that they were still serving customers, we decided to go back into the line, but they closed up at 3 am, leaving those poor low-wage workers behind.

Now what next? I plan to talk to the manager today and ask why Taco Bell rejected Deaf customers who could not make their order through the Oral Machine. I will update you all with the respond I get.

I would like to thank bg0ur3 and David for their suggestions on how to handle this situation.



Buzzair said...

If you dont' get anywhere with the manager...perhaps talk to the free RIT lawyer and see if you have a lawsuit

oneninefive said...

Update: I went to Taco Bell, the shift manager had no idea what I was talking about and kept on saying they did not close at 2 and turned their hour back after they closed at 3.

He was no help and told me that the general manager would be the best person to talk to, but the problem was he is on vacation and will be back on Tuesday (tomorrow) so I got the GM's name and phone number.

I plan to call tomorrow, if nothing works out then seek legal advice, probably first stop would be with the lawyer as Buzz suggested.


Brandon said...

Any progress yet? :)


oneninefive said...

Not yet, I have not really had time to call Taco Bell during the day. Since my staff meeting was cancelled tomorrow I should have time to call the GM and see what's up with their attitude towards Deaf people.