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Monday, August 01, 2005

Day Sixty-Seven

Day Sixty-Eight - 01.08.05 - [Brussels]

  • Today we decided to explore the north part of Brussels by going to the Atom building first.
  • We were disappointed to find the atom building closed for repairs. It seems like everywhere Europe is rebuilding itself, we feel like we have been seeing cranes everywhere this summer, we are starting to think that every five years, every place repairs everything!
  • We headed to the Chinese and Japnese garden and then tried to get a trip up the Japanese tower, but it was closed.
  • We also walked past the Royal Building on our way to the Japanese tower.
  • We went back to the center of Brussels, found an internet cafe so FrecklesFly could check her apartment process, got some good strong beer, which ended up being a little bit too strong for the night.
Amount Spent: TBA

Day Sixty-Seven - 31.07.05 - [Brussels ->Luxembourg City -> Brussels]
  • We got up early and had breakfast before catching the train to Luxembourg City.
  • We arrived in Luxembourg City at around noon and figured we would be happy with approximately five hours of looking around, we started exploring the city by going down the road towards the old part of the city.
  • We arrived in the center of the city and decided to look for something to eat while we could sit down and analyze the map we got from the tourist center in the train station.
  • We never really found any place to sit down and eat, we found a nice part of the city where there were many stands that inimiated the Medival time, with people dressed in medival clothes, cooking medival food and serving beer in souvenier ceramic cups.
  • We found a place that made good looking food that was made with torilla wraps, onion sauce, and some variety of vegetables. Very delicous, but we ended up with a strong onion afterbreath for the entire afternoon!
  • We followed a walking trail along the old city walls that went through the Clausen area and went through a small area that was in the Grund area before heading back to the train station.
  • On the train, we ended up talking to a "F in ear" girl who was learning French Sign Language in Brussels. She thought we were from around here, but it was interesting for her to try to figure out ASL and for us to figure out her FSL, she told us that she knew some Deaf people and said she would have one of her Deaf friends meet us at the train station.
  • We met her friend, Reno at station and Reno took us to a local pub near the Grand Place to chat, he pointed out the popular local beer for us, and we sampled them - they tasted good.
  • It was nice chatting with him and he told us he planned to go to WFD in Madrid - hopefully FrecklesFly and I can go to Madrid in 2007 and meet him again!
  • Reno dropped us off at our hostel and we had to sign in since we needed to move to another room.
  • On an additional sad note, our Eurail Passes expired today! :{
Amount Spent: TBA

Day Sixty-Six - 30.07.05 - [Brussels]
  • We got up and had our breakfast, it was the first time we had a hostel serve hard boiled eggs for breakfast, that was not a bad change for the sore sight of wasted meat lying around every morning in other hostels.
  • We planned our day by following one of the three suggested walking routes of Brussels, the route we took was the Comic route, which took us through the old part of Brussels.
  • We walked past a church (need to get name later) and then along a street that was covered with glass roof with stores selling expensive chocolate and clothings towards the Grand Place, where there were beautiful buildings decorated with gold trimming, and along the walk we sampled a piece of Beligan waffle which was delicous, but messy and sticky.
  • After the Grand Place, we stopped at several stores, got some gifts for our family members, picked up some Beligan chocolate to sample (while stopping in other stores to taste their samples) as we headed to the statue of the little boy pissing (need to look up the correct name later too).
  • We found an interesting church that was filled with strange artwork - there were human faces that had cow tongues sticking out of their mouth and ears, hands that were made of different things that represented different things that related to the bible I think. I guess churches are getting less people attending so they have to add art to encourage more customers to come on Sundays.
  • Then we headed down a nice small street that was lined up with many furniture stores that made us stop in and look around at their neat furniture and wood work until we reached a plaza that was supposed to have flea markets, but I guess we got there too late because there was nothing there.
  • On the way back to our hostel, we walked along the Palais de Justice, which was a very huge, I mean HUGE building where the court was done in the city, it was very grey, depressing, and designed with Roman architecture fixtures.
  • Our next stop was by the Royal Palace, we did not enter, just had a look at it - there was nothing really exciting or unique about the building for us to be shocked and awed by so we made headway through the Brussel Warande Park towards our hostel.
  • Had our dinner, checked emails, and drank some Beligan beer before calling it a night.
Amount Spent: TBA


xFf said...

Looks like you were busy as it was all BLANK :)

oneninefive said...

Not really, just not in the modd to spend money on internet, just wanted to let everyone know which day I am on so everyone knows where I am.

Hopefully we will add more details as we might have found a cheap internet cafe in Dublin...

Right now we have to find our hostel (which explains why we are on the internet now) and sign in before we can do more online.

T'care bro!