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Friday, July 15, 2005

Feel free to post...

Comments to let me know how things are and so that I know my blog is
being read by you. :)


xFf said...

Hey Mike,

sorry for not posting much comments, but yes I am reading your blogs :)

Katherine said...

Hey Mike,

I too am reading your posts- at least most of them! My computer was down for the past 2 weeks, the hard drive died, but now that I have it back I will resume reading them. It sounds like you are having quite a time. I can't believe you didn't like Rome very much. That is hilarious that the bed broke on you. I look forward to seeing your pictures when you get back, although probably not all at once.

marathonbabe said...

I've been reading your posts. I know it's nice to have readers around but I tell you, I think the posts you put up are worth your time because you will have them to read for yourself in the future. I wrote a journal in Kenya and had nobody read it, but last week, reading it for the first time in 5 years, it was amazing to see how many little things I wrote down and I enjoyed the memories. Now, it wasnt a waste of time I did :) Do keep posting :)

Brandon said...


yup, like everybody else, I've been reading your blogs... I might as well use this time to announce my new blog :) http://bg0ur3.blogspot.com ....

yo dude, dont forget to stash some absinthe for me, your rum bottles is getting dusty in my room heh.. when will u be back in canada? I'm offically leaving on 16 August, maybe we can make the trade by then? :)


oneninefive said...

Heh, thanks for the comments!

Jeff, nice picture of you with your dream hairdo!


Hope you did not lose much information on your harddrive - it must have sucked when it died! At least it wasn't your life that died! *smiley face*


How come no one read zour blogs from Africa? Share the address and others will be able to read it and learn new things about Africa!


Am in Prague now, really like it here and think the beer and vegeterian foods here are cheap, unf... absinthe is not the cheapest beverage on the menus. Do not worry, I am going to go shopping for several bottles of absinthe this afternoon or tomorrow, unless I decide to buy them in Ceskz Krumov {sp}, south of Prague.

I will be back in Rochester sometime on August 11 so we can figure something out for the switch, also everyone else can get together and see me tell stories over a campfire!

Later pals!


marathonbabe said...

Sorry, I should have known better to be more specific about journal now that journal can range from writing a book to posting a blog. That was about 5 years ago and I have no idea if blog did exist back then.

It was a journal book I wrote in. I had it with me everywhere I went.

You just gave me an idea.. maybe when I have time, I can type something up from my book that may be worth for readers to learn about Africa :)

lore said...

I read your blog all the time - just havent posted anything in the past week. :) im working at EYF - wish me luck!

Buzzair said...

Hola, former travelling buddy. :)

I'm reading your blogs too, guess was too lazy to post comments heh

In Prague now eh? Exactly where we were supposed to met and get drunk on abinthe together! :)

Have a shot for me and say hello to the green fairy when you see it.

oneninefive said...


Now I gotcha why no one else got a chance to read what you did in Africa! :)


Good luck with EYF, I'm sure you'll have fun with those young kids - just hope they do not wear you out before the session is over!


Had absinthe last night for my birthday, what's more had it in a bar with catacombs, unfortunately we did not see any dead people, bones, or skulls (which sucked big time because we were looking forwards having a great time with skeletons down there) and we did not see any green fairy, but hopefully we will when we have absinthe when I am back in Canada.