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Monday, May 30, 2005

Day Five

Today's my last day in England! It will be sad leaving London, however I know I will be back in London sometime in August so I am already looking forwards August.

When we are back in August, we will be able to attend one of Europe's biggest Deaf gathering called "London Deaf Summer Love" party (www.deafrave.com).

Anyways, enough about the future, I am sure you are curious about what we HAVE done!

Day One

  • Arrived at the airport, met up with Buzzy
  • Rode on the tube to the center of London
  • Walked around and had a buffet pizza for £5.99 (CAD$13.7112 or USD$10.9045) each - pretty expensive, but took the opportunity to stuff some food in ziploc bags for snacks/dinner.
  • After lunch, we walked around some more and saw...
  • Trafalger Square
  • Horse Guards Palace
  • London Eye
  • House of Parliament and Big Ben
  • Tower Bridge (free access for Deaf people)
  • Westminister Abbey
  • We were ready to go and meet FrecklesFly's friend, Himel at Knightsbridge Station, Himel turned out to be a very cool dude.
  • We met his roommates, Adam, Andrew and Stephan - they were awesome to hang out and chat with.
  • I went to bed early, May 24, 25 and 26 really worn me out!

Day Two

  • We slept in and were finally ready to tour London at approximately noon! We spent the day checking out the...
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Tussaud's wax meseum (free for Deaf people too! :) )
  • Then we headed back to Waterloo Station to buy our Eurostar tickets, we found out that the tickets were booked full until Monday at 5 pm so our trip to France was extended.
Day Three

  • We got up very late, due to enjoying some drinks with Himel's roommates - we had some Czech liquor that tasted good along with some Beligan beer.
  • We headed to the...
  • Imperial War Muesum (free once again for Deaf people!)
  • We went to downtown London to meet up with Himel
  • Buzzy stopped for dinner at McDonald's and Freckles Fly and I had dinner in a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, the food was good, but I felt it was made from cheap Instant Ramen Noodles, the 10 cent type you can buy in Canada and USA.
  • After eating, we went to Bar 38 and met Himel and his other friends, and they were nice too! They pointed out some other places we should see, after the bar, we headed back to Himel's place (the bar closed at 11 pm, this makes sense to me!).

Day Four

  • We got up late again and headed to the...
  • Tate Art Gallery
  • Convent Garden, saw some nice performers putting on some shows.
  • Camden Town, saw lots of punk people there, there was good food for good prices.
  • We met up with Himel and more of his friends at Old Street Station and went to a bar named Bluu, decided to fack one night of worrying about money and enjoyed very very delicous dinner with brie/mushroom burger, fries and hummus w/garlic bread.

Time's running out so I'll get back to you - you know what I did for Day Five, pretty much relaxed and did this blog post.

Take care till next time.



lore said...

Looks like you are having a great time!!! even though it only has been 5 days... i know you and rachel will have the best time in europe...

I'm enjoying California's weather with Lore... and she says Hi to both of you...

Keep up with posting blogs entries!

btw... it's me Jeff, had to use lore's username as i forgot the password.. tsk tsk

MACanadian227 said...

Howdy Mike & Rachel,

I'm glad that you enjoyed your journey in England. It's really cool to have you guys accessing the mususeum for FREE! Worth it, right.

Himit (sp?), Rachel's friend (sp?) is that where you are staying in?

By the way, I'm really burned up in Santa Maria, and Huntington Beach, California with my gf and friends. I heart Prismo Beach so much! Blast time, eh!

Say Howdy to Buzzy!!

T'care of you guys,


oneninefive said...

Glad to know that Jeff is having fun with Lore in California - it´s damn hot in Madrid, temperature ranging from 28C to a bit over 30C!

Daniel, looks like you´re having fun too in the same state as Jeff and Lore! Surpised you´ve got a girlfirend now! Congrats and enjoy the weather, I am just managing to get around with the hot weather in Madrid and am expecting hotter weather in south Portgual, Spain and Italy!

Take care and hope the weather is still good for you guys!