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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Finally, have a few quiet moments to myself before getting ready to go to bed.

In the last few days, we have bought our:

  • Eurorail Pass
  • Eurostar Tickets
  • Roundtrip Greyhound Tickets
Now we need to find time to sit down and seriouslly plan our route and talk to people who have been to Europe and create a network to try and get better ideas where we will be spending our nights at in each place we go to.

We also are waiting for our 1GB memory card and looking for several extra batteries to buy for our camera.  I sure am looking forward to this summer!  Cannot remember when the last time I looked forward to summer was!



lore said...

finally... a post! :)

Rachie and you should visit Lake Como in Italy (and of course these overrated cities, rome, venice, naples)- it's so beautiful and underrated!!! (remember the villian's house in Ocean 12? it's on Lake Como). Naples is pretty cool too, crazy people but fun to watch. Dont forget to visit pompeii - people seem to overlook that place when they visit italy - the lava covered dog is so cool to see!

My personal favorite place in Europe is Nurnberg, Germany - I think you guys will like it there - hmm, if you have some extra money, you guys should try spending a nite in a historic castle turned hotel - there are tons of them in Germany/England.

these 2 countries are my favorite - if you want more info on these two countries and others, dont hestiate to ask.

oneninefive said...

Lore, thanks for the suggestions, will look into them and let you know if we go and see those places you suggested. I think we already planned on going to see Naples and Pompeii.

Am interested in spending a night in one of Germany´s castles - that looks like a lot of fun.