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Monday, November 01, 2004

Re: 10.31.04

It is 2 hours and 30 minutes away to November 2nd, Election Day in the United States of America.

This post is actually in response to my previous post (10.31.04). Today Al-Jazeera posted Osama bin Laden's full transcript and it reveals some shocking news.

I mentioned that USA would collapse soon; well the full transcript reveals the actual plan on how America will collapse! Imagine this - America has an outstanding debt of almost seven point five trillion dollars! This is America's weakness and that's exactly where Osama bin Laden is striking at!

I just find it hard to believe that people are still ignorant about who SHOULD NOT be the president.

There are two well known people who are obviously pointing out that George F. Bush is not the person to lead America, yet it is going to be a close election.

I will just be glad this political crap will be over tomorrow night - or should I say by Wednesday night, just in case there will be another corrupted voting state? Let's wait and see...

I love this American political blasphemy...


Please Note: Notice that the FBI last updated Osama bin Laden's profile in June of 1999 (updated his picture in November 2001) and the profile says nothing about him being responsible for the 9/11 attacks. This should make you wonder if America is actually looking for Osama bin Laden. If not then what the hell are the troops doing in Afghanistan?

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