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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Today's the last day of the 11th month of the 2004th year. . . guess 236 had good luck this month, mainly at the Roost.

Today is also the 2nd day of winter quarter. . . So far classes seem to be much better - no math so far, let's see about my other classes on Wednesdays and Fridays - hope the math is not that bad.

I got contacted by Reslife asking me to work as a RA as soon as possible. I accepted their offer, but the strange thing is. . . Reslife had to withdraw their offer as soon as they discovered that I was still the president of my fraternity. Oh well, what can I do except laugh at how so many things cannot be done just because people literally create policies that restrict them from doing what they want to do. . .

Another thing . . . my car failed the NYS Safety Inspection - the power steering fluid pressure hose was leaking and my side light wasn't working. FrecklesFly came to my rescues and prevented me from spending too much money getting all that stuff fixed at the auto shop. :)

Hopefully soon we will be able to fix these things ourselves and get my car inspection passed.

The next thing I got to worry about is having snow fall down in Rochester - it's 1 hour and 14 minutes away from December and there is not even one speck of snow on the ground!!! It is 6ÂșC at this moment. . . I just hope it does not snow just as soon as I leave for Cuba!

I would prefer to enjoy the snow than go to Cuba!

Anyways I gotta get into bed; my cold bed is reaching out for me . . .


P.S. I wonder how 238 and Lore's 32 hour flight was and hope they did not get lost in Australia. :)


lore said...

no nwew updates?!! How's everything for you? *winks*

236 said...

Very funny about the last of 11th month hehe. Yeah its because of Roost ;) eh.